About C.L.A.B.

Who We Are

The Cambridge Licensee Advisory Board has several purposes, which are:

  • To reduce underage drinking
  • To promote programs designed to educate and support license holders in their efforts to prohibit sales to minors
  • To undertake any activities which will promote respect for Massachusetts liquor license laws.

Clab Meeting HouseThrough the innovation of the City of Cambridge License Commission and the cooperation of its founding board members, C.L.A.B. was a frontrunner in non-traditional responses to licensee infractions.

As an alternative to suspending licenses, the City encouraged the establishment of a licensee moderation group. Its efforts have included a clarification of the laws affecting licensees and occasional guest speakers at member meetings.

C.L.A.B. recently evolved into an even more cooperative public/private organization with its vote to include non-licensees on the board with the election of Elizabeth Lint of the License Commission as its first non-licensee board member.

The organization went on to begin the annual Taste of Cambridge benefit event that raises money through the hard efforts of committed volunteers, warm hearts of restaurant staff, generous donations through kind sponsors, and the public’s want to attend the largest “Taste of…” event in the Boston area.  Each year, a large portion of the proceeds are donated back into the community through five awarded grants.  In 2016, a total of $40,000 was raised and given to deserving non-profit organizations in the Cambridge!

C.L.A.B.’s membership, which is updated on the website, consists of Participating Members (meeting attendees), the recently established Contributing Members (annual contributors), and Associate Members (active participants who have a vested interest in, but do not hold, alcohol licenses).

Information about State Law is available here on our site.

Click here to read the by-laws of C.L.A.B

Why Join

Benefits of being an active* C.L.A.B. member include:

  • Being scheduled first when you have business before the License Commission.
  • Information on server training. Some can be scheduled at your convenience, at your location or opportunity to send staff to other scheduled training sessions.

Attending C.L.A.B. meetings allows members to:

  1. Collaborate with fellow licensees and city agencies.
  2. Network with other owners and managers, defining areas of concern and building consensus on issues important to central square.
  3. Collaborate with university officials and address areas of mutual concern.
  4. Hear from interesting and educational guest speakers.
  5. Participate in forums with politicians, law enforcement, business associations and other speakers who can offer insights on how Cambridge can enhance its responsible sales of alcohol.

*Membership requires that the applicant or a representative of the applicant attend eight of the ten meetings per year. All members are required to “chair” a committee for a term of one year after three years of membership.