Past Meeting

C.L.A.B. Meeting Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Lord Hobo @ 3:00p.m.

“To promote the safe service, consumption, and sale of alcohol. To provide support to Cambridge organizations that focus on alcohol and related substance abuse issues.”

Last Meeting Recap (Andrew Martin)

  • Created First Round of Sub-Committees; but need more positions filled

Treasury Update (Richard Hilaire)

  • Paid some back TOC bills
  • Mailed out the “Annual Report”
  • Fixed issue with the IRS who claimed that we missed filing

Winter Coat Drive Recap (Lizz Cerrato-Venegas)

  • Picked up about 60 coats and people were very excited to receive them

Faith Kitchen Donations & Update (Lizz Cerrato-Venegas)

  • They serve meals around 6:30 – looking for volunteers around 5:30
  • Two options to help out
    • Bring 1 volunteer with an already prepared dish
    • Bring 2-3 volunteers with raw products that need preparing
    • Lizz will send out contact info for Abbie if anyone is interested in helping a great cause (you can also check out the C.L.A.B. Website for more information in the coming days)

Data Quest Presentation (Amanda Reynolds)

  • Based out of Canton, MA
  • Dropped off folders for attendees with more information (can also get contact info from our website)
  • Offer several types of services:
    • ID Checking – $55
      • Send in individuals 21-25 years of age
      • Tests if ID is asked for before the drink order is taken
      • Won’t show an ID when asked and see if still served
    • Integrity Spotting – $125
      • Looking for theft issues
        • Are drinks being rung in correctly
        • Is there over-pouring
        • Are tips being properly accounted for
      • Employment Screening
        • CORI Reports
        • Background Checks
      • Customer Service Evaluation – $95
        • Web based results – quick results

Website Update (Andrew Martin) – www.

  • Website is now live at our normal domain name, although it still needs to be polished
  • Asking members to go through the pages and notify us of any mistakes or necessary corrections
  • Members should double check that all of their business information is correct
  • If you have visited the site before, be sure to hit the “REFRESH” button when returning in order to load all the newest content (your computer may cache the previous versions and, while made, you won’t be able to see the updates since your last visit)
  • Member’s Tools
    • This will become a great resource for us, the members of C.L.A.B.
    • Andrew will be posting agendas and minute notes before/after each meeting
    • Will also post attendance records
    • Looking into the feasibility of creating a password protected portion where we can list more private information for the general membership (i.e. financial documents)
  • Home Page Awareness – Next Meeting Placement
    • We will post the restaurant information for the next upcoming meeting (giving the host restaurant more visibility to the general public)
    • On the home page, those members who have participated in two of the last three meetings (starting from the January 2014 meeting) will be featured
    • The site randomly chooses three businesses to display upon each refresh – it will pull from the pool of available locations that meet the criteria above
  • Looking into making it possible to feature promotions from individual businesses (social media)

City of Cambridge Update (Elizabeth Lint)

  • Doing more outreach programs
    • Working with Cambridge Police Department to have more awareness of alcohol related issues
    • The CPD recently received a grant for their work with alcohol related issues
  • Working on new delivery regulations
  • Still discussing licensing for drivers – Taxis, Uber, Lift, etc.

Cambridge Prevention Coalition (CPC) / 21+ Proof Update (Keisha Ormond)

  • No representative present

Harvard University Update (Ryan Travia)

  • Michelle Mandino filled in for Ryan
  • Students are back
  • Business as usual for the university right now

MIT Update (Don Camelio)

  • No representative present

Office of Tourism Update (Robyn Culbertson)

  • No representative present
  • We are looking to get more information about the individual business associations to put on the website

Taste of Cambridge (TOC) (Robin Lapidus)

  • Date: Tuesday, July 15th – Thursday, July 17th (Rain Date)
  • Sponsorship
    • Move to smaller local brand companies as sponsors
    • Problem with the “Big Boys” is they look for exclusivity
    • Some of the smaller companies can only do trade – they don’t have the budgets others do
    • The idea was raised that perhaps we have a few restaurants pour off some cocktails
      • This would help the smaller brands, as they would just donate product
      • It will be easier to control over-serving
      • Could turn it into a contest and have people vote for a winning cocktail
    • Considering asking companies for a suggested donation of $500 and product to participate
    • Opened discussions for other possible locations in the following years
      • The City would like to have it move around, focusing on different neighborhoods
      • It was mentioned that we should have other squares “bid” on it sooner rather than later
      • Closing down side-streets is an option
      • Two possible locations discussed:
        • Cambridgeside Galleria
        • Porter Square Shopping Center
      • In regards to a rain date, we may want to look into major tenting where the Bacon & Beer Fest is being held (see below)

Central Square Updates (Robin Lapidus)

  • Upcoming Bacon and Beer Event
    • Looking to host at the parking lot at Bishop Allen Drive and Prospect Street
  • Cambridge Jazz Festival
    • Last weekend in July
    • Will have a food component
    • In the Forest City space (where we’ve been holding TOC recently)