Past Meeting

C.L.A.B. Meeting Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant @ 3:00p.m.

“To promote the safe service, consumption, and sale of alcohol. To provide support to Cambridge organizations that focus on alcohol and related substance abuse issues.”

Last Meeting Recap (Andrew Martin)

  • 2014 Officers and Board Members Officially Take Roles
  • Annual Report Submitted
  • “Associate Membership” Status Voted and Passed

Treasury Update (Richard Hilaire) Winter Coat Drive (Lizz Cerrato-Venegas)

  • Pick-Up: Tuesday, January 28th

Faith Kitchen Donations & Update (Marissa Serrano / Lizz Cerrato-Venegas)

  • 2-3 volunteers with unprepared food
  • 1 volunteer with already prepared food

Create Sub-Committees – Nominate, Vote, Volunteer (Andrew Martin)

  • Website Committee
    • Richard, Owen, Andrew
  • Training Committee
    • Nate, Andrew
    • Looking to get a few people ServSafe certified that speak multiple languages
  • Donation Committee
    • Includes “emergency response”
  • Safe Ride Committee
    • Looking for volunteers
    • Needed to come up with ideas to address accountability issues

Taste of Cambridge (TOC) (Robin Lapidus)

  • Date: Tuesday, July 15th – Thursday, July 17th (Rain Date)
  • Put a monthly “call to action” on the website
  • Committee Volunteers
    • Chairs
    • Sponsorship
    • Robin will present us with more

Website Update (Richard Hilaire) –

  • Hoping to go live by the first of February
  • Newly created committee is responsible for updating the content (Secretary will then take over)

City of Cambridge Update (Elizabeth Lint) Cambridge Prevention Coalition (CPC) / 21+ Proof Update (Keisha Ormond) Harvard University Update (Ryan Travia)

  • Michelle Mandino filled in for Ryan
  • Students will be back on the 25th
  • Classes will resume on January 27th

MIT Update (Don Camelio)

  • No representative present

Office of Tourism Update (Robyn Culbertson) Continued C.L.A.B. Involvement (Lizz Cerrato-Venegas)

  • Brainstorm Ways for Us to Increase Our Involvement
  • In What Ways Can C.L.A.B. Become More Useful for It’s Members?