Past Meeting

C.L.A.B. Meeting Wednesday, January 21, 2015
@ 3:00pm

“To promote the safe service, consumption, and sale of alcohol. To provide support to Cambridge organizations that focus on alcohol and related substance abuse issues.”

Greetings / Introductions (Andrew Martin)

Last Meeting Recap (Andrew Martin)

  • New Officer – Owen Kennett
  • Committee Members (We are looking to engage these committees and start meeting)

Guest Speaker (Gary Boudreau – Bluefin Consultants)

  • Talked about the relationship between you and your Sales Rep (from whatever vendors you get inventory from).  He emphasized that you should have a conversation with your rep and understand how they get paid.  Gary also talked about the fact that the more you order from your rep the more important you are to them and that you are better off ordering everything from one rep and being important to them then ordering your products from several different reps.
  • Gary’s company offers ServSafe®, HACCP, and FSMA training and can be reached here:

Cambridge Licensing Commission Update (Elizabeth Lint / Andrea Jackson)

  • Renewals went well this year.
  • The Blue rule book may be amended this year.  There will be a public hearing to discuss whether or not it will be amended.
  • Finale is selling their License if anyone is interested.
  • Patio fees may go up from $750 to $1000 in the near future.  There will be stricter guidelines about what you can and cannot do on the patio in the near future as well.
  • There will be a plastic bag ban going into place.  Hearing about this on Wednesday Feb 11th at 5:30pm

Cambridge Prevention Coalition (CPC) (Keisha Ormond)

Goals for the New Year (Andrew Martin)

  • Active Committees
  • Accurate Membership List
  • “Active Members” (year in review)
  • “Board of Directors”
  • What do the Members Want?

Taste of Cambridge

  • We should begin discussing this as it is approaching.
  • Tuesday July 14th date for T.O.C. Thursday July 16th = Rain Date.
  •  We should involve people from other squares if we want the TOC to be in another square next year.  We should bring reps from other squares this year so we can train them.
  • Should we pay for a really big band to play this year?
  • We should all reflect on what went well and what could be improved last year and discuss it at the next meeting.

Harvard University Update (Michelle Mandino)

  • Students are back from winter break.

MIT Update (Don Camelio)

Treasury Update (Paul Lee / Andrew Martin)

2015 Meeting Schedule (Andrew Martin)