Past Meeting

C.L.A.B. Meeting Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Legal Seafoods @ 3:00pm

“To promote the safe service, consumption, and sale of alcohol. To provide support to Cambridge organizations that focus on alcohol and related substance abuse issues.”

Great Meeting! Thanks again to Steve Clark and Kerry Miller from the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. Main takeaways from the discussion:

-Minimum wage law still going into effect December, stay tuned to see if there is an eleventh hour injunction (delay)

-Lack of staffing is an issue statewide, MRA is working with various non-profits that focus on getting transitional clients trained for food service. Some operators are sharing employees and offering shifts. The MRA also suggested looking to AARP groups.

-Licensing: No-Value Licenses and quotas are a concern for license holders. According to Steve Clark, the state legislatures understand the challenges of a business losing assets if their costly all alcohol license loses value. The issue has not been resolved on a state or local level. Developers are pushing for more licenses because mixed retail use needs restaurants more so than other shopping (due to online retail shopping). These new no-value licenses might become non-transferable.
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