Past Meeting

C.L.A.B. Meeting Wednesday, September 28, 2016
The Smoke Shop BBQ @ 3:00pm

“To promote the safe service, consumption, and sale of alcohol. To provide support to Cambridge organizations that focus on alcohol and related substance abuse issues.”

We were graciously hosted at The Smoke Shop for our TOC beneficiary ceremony and CLAB meeting. Many thanks to Ian Grossman, Andy Husbands and the entire staff for providing a beautiful space and lovely food for the group. Big thanks to Ellen Callaway for donating time away from her studio to take pictures. She also brought a print from her Recycled Beauty project that tied in nicely with Michael Orr’s talk on the polystyrene ban for Cambridge.

Thank you to everyone that made the 2016 Taste of Cambridge a huge success. We had 100+ tables serving incredible food to over 3,000 attendees. We logged 260 volunteer hours with 178 volunteers! This event truly shows the best of Cambridge to everyone!

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on November 16th!



Please check out the TOC Report for 2016 below!


The CLAB Executive Officers, Staff, Advisors and TOC Committee Members

Andrew Martin, President
Owen Kennet, Vice President and Secretary Middle East
Paul Lee, Treasurer Hong Kong
Juliana Lyman, Executive Director C.L.A.B.
Robin Lapidus, Executive Director Central Square Business Association 
Elizabeth Lint, Executive Director Cambridge License Commission

Michael Weiner, SavMor Spirits

Michael Young, Cambridge Wine and Spirits

Paul Deruzzo, University Wine Shop

Tali Schiller, Cambridge Health Department

Diana Janec, Paige Medeiros and Robyn Culbertson, Cambridge Office for Tourism