LEARN Server Training

Please call Keisha Ormond at the Cambridge Prevention Coalition (617-665-3759) to arrange server training.

21 Proof Training

This is Cambridge’s own responsible alcohol training program.  For more specific information on the class, please click here.  To see pricing, click here: CLAB 21 Proof Pricing!

Please contact Keisha Ormond at the Cambridge Prevention Coalition (617-665-3759).

Language Assistance

We are currently updating our list of contacts… If you are a current C.L.A.B. member and speak a foreign language, please contact us today to volunteer your services.

Investigative Services

Please contact Amanda Reynolds at Data Quest Investigations, Ltd. (800-292-9797 ext. 120) to arrange for site visits to measure server effectiveness in requesting ID from young customers. C.L.A.B. members are eligible for a discounted $55 per visit rate.

Show ID Placards

Proper ID

The pictured sign which measures 5″ by 7″ are available for $10 each. Please select the “Contact C.L.A.B.” link to request purchase. In addition to acting as a deterrent to would-be underage drinkers, these signs have proven to provide comfort for servers requesting identification from customers.